Are You Ready to Have Kids?

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If you are feeling the need to have a baby, you probably already know that it will be one of the biggest decisions of your life. It’s very important that when you are making the decision to have a child, you are making it for the right reasons and that you are prepared. Here are some tips to help you understand whether you are in a good place in your life and relationship for having a baby.



  • Is my relationship ready to have kids? It’s important to take stock of your relationship and discuss the matter in depth. If you are really committed to each other and to having kids, you may be ready.
  • Are you ready for the stress? Consider the extra stress and sleep loss that will arrive with the baby. How does your relationship fair during prolonged periods of stressful activity?
  • Do you communicate well with each other? How well do you and your partner communicate your needs?
  • Are you supportive of each other? When the baby comes, will you and your partner be able to ask each other for support?
  • Is my home ready to have kids? A baby is not only a huge personal responsibility; it is also a huge financial responsibility. Consider alone the prenatal care. Doctor’s appointments, adequate nutrition, leaving your job, buying baby furniture and that’s just before the baby gets here! Some studies put the cost of raising a child at $15,000 a year.
  • Do you have the financial stability for kids? Can you spend $15,000 a year on a child and still afford to pay your bills, drive your car and pay off your loans? If you and your partner have decided that your relationship is stable enough for kids, sit down together and work out the financials.
  • Am I ready to have kids? This is perhaps the first question that you should be asking because, really, it is the most important. Do you feel as if you have achieved what you’ve wanted to do in life? Do you feel like you are in a “good place”? If you think that having a child will fix what you feel dissatisfied with in your life, that might be a sign that you are not ready to have kids.
  • Are you ready for the lifestyle change? You won’t always be able to go wherever you want when you want because of your new responsibilities. You will need to meet someone else’s needs before your own. Half of being ready to have kids is being in a state of mental and emotional preparedness for the coming drastic lifestyle change.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing to have children is a huge step that both you and your partner must fully understand each other’s motivations before taking. Stop and ask yourself if these aspects of your life are ready for children. You owe it to these future lives to be able to give them all they deserve.

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