How Do You Know If He’ll Make a Good Dad?

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Very rarely do men walk around with giant billboards advertising their expertise in fatherhood. He seems like a kind man and he’s told you he’s wanted kids, but parenthood is a road to which you will never be given a map. How can you be sure that he’ll be a good father to his children?


The Details:

  • How will your parenting skills balance with his? Think about the way that he deals with anger, stress and disappointment. Is he able to articulate these feelings and take steps to move past them?
  • How does he interact with others? Observing the way he interacts with the world and with others is an excellent way to evaluate what makes a good parent.
  • How does he treat his mother? Many people will tell you that you know what kind of man he is by the way he treats his mother. If he is respectful and loving toward his mother, you can be assured that he has high regard for parenthood and an understanding of all the hard work that must go into it.
  • How does he treat other important people in his life? If he doesn’t have a mother, how does he treat other members of his family? If he has respect for them and shares responsibility for maintaining those relationships, he probably values connecting and committing to a person.
  • What are his career aspirations? Examining his relationship to his career will tell you a lot about where his priorities may lie when the kids start arriving. Of course, you want someone who can help you provide for your family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want a cutthroat career man.
  • Will the ultra-ambitious man make a good dad? If he is constantly bringing work home, it may be a sign that he will have trouble shutting off work and committing to being at home. If he is happy with what he does and knows how to leave it at the office, it’s a good sign that he is a present and committed person.
  • Is he responsible? It may be cliché, but can he take care of the household plants, the dog or the bills? Make sure he knows how to take care of important responsibilities.
  • What was his family dynamic like? If he had a good childhood and was raised well, odds are he’ll be able to do the same.
  • Does he want kids? Hopefully, you have talked about this because wanting kids is an important first step on the way to fatherhood.
  • How does he deal with others’ kids? Although everyone is different with their own kids, watching how he handles someone else’s kids can at least give you a clue.

The Bottom Line: 

There’s no way to know for sure that someone will make a good parent. Looking at both his current relationships, as well as his interaction with his work, will give you a good indication of his general level of sincerity and involvement with people and potentially, his kids.

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